About Matt Trujillo Photography

Matt Trujillo Photography

Pictured above: a live squirrel not biting my face off.

I've always wanted to be Grizzly Adams, never Ansel Adams.

Inspired by my betters in all things, I hope someday to inspire someone else to do something wonderful.

Unless otherwise noted, all images are taken in nature.

Photography has been part of my daily life since 1980.

If you'd like to snatch an image for your desktop, or to place on your blog, be my guest, just be sure to link back here with a prominent photo credit. Thanks for spreading the word.

Surprisingly inexpensive gallery prints and note cards are available. Click here to purchase them. If you desire an image not posted in the store, click "contact" below, and I will make it available just for you.

Photography Equipment

27 pounds of Canon EOS in a Canon shoulder bag.
Insane amounts of luck.
Generally good Karma.